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Flexible Packaging Lamination
As PolFoll, in our range of products in Flexible Packaging sector, system is classified as solvent-based and solvent-free adhesives for the usage of various areas: food industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and industrial products.

Our adhesives for Flexible Packagings can be grouped into 3 segments as below:

• Standard Performance: Adhesives for the lamination films for general-purpose, metallized films and paper.
• Medium Performance: Adhesives for aluminium folio, metallized films, medium chemical resistance and sterilization resistance offering high adhesion value.
• High Performance: Adhesives for the film laminations which require high barrier characteristics, high chemical resistance and sterilization resistance.
PolFoll has a pilot facility in its laboratories for customer-oriented trials.
-Textile Lamination
-Flexible Packaging Lamination
-Technical Lamination
-Cold Seal
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